community engagement connections


Being a student at UGA is more than just going to the university—it’s about being a member of the Athens community. By getting connected with your local community, you are gaining many lessons and benefits that will go far beyond your time in college. Find service opportunities that tie to your passions and your career goals! 


Services Offered:

  • Community Engagement presentation to classes, departments, and organizations
  • Consultation on volunteer opportunities with local non-profits and community partners
  • Training on how to plan a day of service for your group

Presentation Topics:

  • Serving Your Community

  • Civic Engagement 
  • What is Sustainable Service?
  • Loving and Living in the Classic City

Program Benefits:

  • Getting involved in the Athens community will help you feel more connected to where you live and what you do 

  • Volunteering can help you develop and refine valuable soft-skills that employers look for 
  • Doing service and reflection provides you with a broader understanding on social issues 
  • Volunteering has been associated with positively influencing your physical and mental health 
  • Working with non-profits could lead to community connections that provide internships and other valuable career experience