ASB became IMPACT in 2012 so that our name could be congruent with our goals and mission. First of all, we no longer only offer spring break trips — we now offer Fall Break & local weekend trips as well! Secondly, the word IMPACT describes the ultimate goal of our program: to make a positive impact on the communities we work with and subsequently make a significant impact on ourselves. Overall, we adopted the name IMPACT because it best represents the mission of our organization.

We are more than happy to accommodate for dietary restrictions and sensitivities! Make your Site Leaders aware of these needs in advance so they can be properly noted within the trip’s food budget.

We do this intentionally so that you preference trips based on the social issue rather than the geographic location. We will have placements revealed at the All Participant Meeting, so get excited and enjoy the suspense! Any immediate questions about this component of the experience can be directed to our Paricipant Coordinator, Sohawm Sengupta, at


LOCAL weekend trips cost $25 and must be paid in full in one payment.

Fall Break trips cost $75 and must be paid in full in one payment.

Spring Break Trips cost $155. These trips can be paid in full or in two installments. The first deposit is $80, and the second deposit is $75.

*Note: it is very important that you pay for your trip on time. Failure to pay by the deadline shared by your Site Leader could result in being dropped from the trip.

Your trip fee covers all transportation, housing, and grocery costs outlined in each unique trip. The only costs not included are quick meals on travel days and voluntary purchases such as souvenirs.

All of our trip payments are made online through the TouchNet IMPACT store. Select your listed trip and follow the instructions to complete payment. The online store accepts the following methods of payment: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, & webCheck.

No, all payments to IMPACT are nonrefundable.

Yes, we do offer opportunities for waived trip fees! The IMPACT trip fee assistance waiver serves to offer a select number of UGA students the chance to attend an IMPACT trip with little to no associated costs. Selection is based on expressed needs, and the application review will have no identifying information attached in order to protect the privacy of the applicants. Only the staff Program Director awarding the waived fee to selected individuals will have access to names on applications.

Further instructions for applying to the trip fee assistance waiver can be found within the Participant Application through Involvement Network.

Pre-Trip Components

No, participants cannot switch or change trip placements. You also cannot be added to the waitlist for another trip. You do have the option to drop, but we highly encourage talking to the trip Site Leaders and staff Program Director prior to doing so.

This experience is intended to stretch your comfort level, so while we try our best to match you with your preferred trip, you will learn many valuable things no matter the social issue focus and location!

Any spots that open on trips will be offered formally to those on the waitlist.

We require all participants to complete a few waivers prior to leaving for their trip. The following will be distributed through Site Leaders, and a reminder will be given at the All Participant Meeting:

  • Release, Waiver of Liability, & Covenant not to Sue
  • Medical Form (through Involvement Network)
  • Background Check (automatically sent through HR)

Additionally, if you have a valid driver’s license and are interested in serving as a volunteer driver for a university vehicle, your Site Leader can provide information on the process & necessary paperwork.

Yes! Your Site Leaders will schedule pre-trip meetings, which will highlight both educational content and social opportunities. The purpose of pre-trip meetings is to build a positive team dynamic prior to trip departure.

For our LOCAL trips, you will be staying in your own residence, so no packing for travel is required.

For Fall Break and Spring Break trips, your Site Leaders will provide you with a specific list in your pre-trip meetings. Housing arrangements vary by location, so while beds may be provided, others may suggest bringing an air mattress.

The only items not covered in your trip fee are quick meals during travel times. Site Leaders can provide an estimate of this cost.

Additionally, trips will have scheduled time for cultural experiences and exploration of the city they are serving. You may want to bring funds for souvenirs if desired. Again, Site Leaders can provide insight on an estimate based on the scheduled experiences.

On the Trip

Every trip is unique, but typically, you can expect to do between 4-8 hours of direct service each day of your trip. Your Site Leaders will leave ample time for breaks, and there will be scheduled cultural experiences so you can see the local area! Reflection is held at the end of every day, which gives you the opportunity to personally reflect on the day as well as communicate with your teammates about connections that you are seeing related to the social issue focus.

In short, Site Leaders work tirelessly to construct a fun yet impactful trip for you, so expect to have a fantastic time no matter what!

All trips will utilize University of Georgia vehicles. They will be 7-passenger or 15-passenger vans, so be mindful when packing for a traveling trip.

In very few circumstances, there may be opportunities for parents or friends of UGA to host a meal or participate in service with a trip. These opportunities depend on several factors including trip location, schedule, service site volunteer needs, and needs for meals. However, you cannot leave to meet any family or friends while you are on the trip.

In short, all participants are expected to remain with the group for the duration of the trip and cannot meet up with people outside of the trip.

We encourage all participants and Site Leaders bring their full selves to the trip and solely focus on the experience. However, we understand that it might be helpful to do school work on the trip in order to stay on track with your academics. Most of this lenience will depend on your trip’s schedule. Site Leaders can inform you on the “down time” where this may be possible.

No, each trip will travel together to and from the trip site. We are unable to allow anyone to travel separately except in case of emergency or formal dismissal from the trip.

No. The IMPACT program is a substance-free, tobacco-free, and alcohol-free experience. Regardless of age, you will not be able to do so while on the trip under any circumstances. Failure to comply will result in formal dismissal from the trip, where you will be required to pay for your trip back to Athens.


Absolutely! Our goal is that you continue service-mindedness when you return from your trip, so Site Leaders will be planning post-trip service with local community partners.

You can also continue to meet socially with members of your team, please do so! Eating lunch at Bolton and want a buddy? Send a message in your team’s GroupMe! Looking for someone to go to the Farmer’s Market with you? Text your Site Leader and teammates to join you! These individuals are immediate connections with a like-mindedness for service that you have outside of classes and other student organizations, so take the time to build strong friendships with others!

We are so excited to hear that you enjoyed your experience and want to take the next step in IMPACT involvement! Site Leaders for the next academic year are recruited in the early spring semester, so check with your trip’s Site Leader and follow IMPACT on Instagram for updates on deadlines!

The application process includes both a written application and a verbal interview. This is not meant to intimidate you – we simply want to learn more about you and your leadership style so we can make an informed decision on placements! Any further questions about the application process can be directed to our Site Leader Coordinator, Sahauna Ramesh, at