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Join our Staff!

The Pandora Yearbook allows any student interested in contributing to the book to join. No prior experience is necessary, but it is preferred. The yearbook is divided into three different staffs: design, copy, and photography. Each staff is led by an editor who oversees the development and vision for the book. 

Pandora’s Mission: 

The mission of the yearbook is to represent all aspects of student life at the University of Georgia and provide a pictorial record of the past, present, and future. In addition, the Pandora allows students to volunteer and gain invaluable leadership, design, photography, and marketing experience through teamwork.

Membership Requirements:

  • Commit to serving on staff for the entire academic year 
  • Able to attend weekly meetings on Mondays at 5pm 
  • Willingness to work/cover events on behalf of Pandora 
  • Maintain professionalism while on assignments

How to Apply:

Complete the application form on the Involvement Network. For more information about the application process, contact our Editor-in-Chief Eli Searcy at 

Staff Descriptions

Photography Staff

Photography staff members are in charge of going to campus events and taking the photos necessary to complete the yearbook! They note the number of photos needed and how many are vertical or horizontal. No previous camera/photography experience is mandatory. Photography staff shoots portraits, sports, and editorials to bring the yearbook to life. 

Copy Staff

The copy staff is responsible for creating all text within the book. Copy staff typically accompany a photographer at events to compile interviews, quotes, and establish background for the story or event. Staff members then compile the information into a comprehensive article.

Design Staff

Under the direction of the Art Director, the design staff is responsible for executing the stylistic elements of the book. The staff members use templates to organize information within pages. Additionally, they are responsible for communicating with photographers and copy staff about the angle of the story and what information is needed from a design standpoint. Knowledge of InDesign is a plus, but not required to be a member of this staff.