Civic Engagement

Being an engaged member of your community is a task that takes a lifetime.

You are a member of many communities.  These groups consist of your neighbors, colleagues, classmates, and other social units where you share common values, history, culture, or other characteristics.  As a student at the University of Georgia, your education prepares you to engage fully to create meaningful change.  While many individuals don’t feel responsible for their community, you can make the choice to lead and engage actively in your community.

Dawgs Vote

UGA Student Voting Rates

Your voice and your vote matter in every election: federal, state, and local. You can make a difference by registering to vote and using your right to vote.  

Below are the results from the 2012 and 2016 UGA voter turnout from NSLVE. You can affect the registration and voting rate for the next presidential election! Encourage your friends and classmates to vote.

Highly Established Action Plan - 2022 badge.
Gold Campus - 70-79% voting rage. Excellence in Student Voter engagement. Presidential 2020 election.

Register to Vote in Georgia

Georgia Voter Online Registration

Visit the website for the State of Georgia’s Online Voter Registration System to:

  • Check to see if you are registered to vote
  • Register to vote
  • Make changes to your current record

Georgia Voter Mail Registration

Download and complete the postage-paid voter registration application and mail it to the Secretary of State’s office.  

Copies of mail-in registration forms are also available in Engagement, Leadership, and Service.

An image that reads: Register to vote! Make your voice heard!

Prepare to Vote

Voting in Georgia

  1. Any valid state or federal government-issued photo ID, including a free ID card issued by your county registrar’s office or the Georgia Department of Driver services.
  2. A Georgia driver’s license, even if expired
  3. Student ID from a Georgia public college or university
  4. Valid employee photo ID from any branch, department, agency, or entity of the U.S. government, Georgia, or any county, municipality, board, authority, or other entity of the state
  5. Valid U.S. passport ID
  6. Valid U.S. military photo ID containing a photograph of the voter
  7. Valid tribal photo ID containing a photograph of the voter
Bring one of these seven forms of identification to vote in person.

Register to Vote Out-of-State

If you are not from or voting in Georgia, use to find information for your home state.

Prepare Your Plan

What's on the Ballot?

The ballot lists the items for which you can cast your vote.  You are not required to make a choice for each item on the ballot.  Rather, any vote you cast will be counted.  If you vote in Georgia, visit the Secretary of State’s website to view a sample ballot for your county.  

Create a Voting Plan

Even if you have voted before, it is good to plan ahead by preparing a plan.  Run through the checklist below to plan to vote.

  • Research the ballot and my voting location.  If I am voting by absentee ballot, what is the deadline to request it?
  • Take off work and/or find childcare.  What transportation will I take to my voting center?
  • Check the policies in my state.  What ID do I need to bring?
  • Should I pack water, snacks, medication, an umbrella, a jacket, and any important supplies in case there is a line?

Cast Your Ballot

Advance Voting

Advance or Early Voting is available if it would be difficult or impossible for you to vote on Election Day.  Advance Voting locations may also be less crowded!  However, Advance Voting locations may be different from where you vote on Election Day.  Check the sites for your county to learn more.

Absentee Voting

Election Day

Election Day is set as the “Tuesday after the first Monday in November” each year, and will occur between November 2 and November 8. There should be various polling locations in your local area.  If you did not vote using one of the above methods, you can vote on Election Day if registered!

You can also opt in to receive election reminders from TurboVote to ensure you practice your right to vote in each election.

Practice Civic Engagement

Voting is just the start of creating a better future!  Civic engagement also includes learning more about your community, its needs, and your neighbors.  A great way to engage is by volunteering, and practicing leadership skills while learning about issues which affect your community.

Volunteer in your Community

Find a volunteer opportunity through Serve UGA, Give Pulse, the Involvement Network, and other websites.

Develop Leadership Skills

Being able to disagree with someone else while remaining civil is a foundational skill for creating change anywhere.  Learn important skills like this through ELS’s leadership programs.

Student group photo.
UGA students volunteer at Brooklyn Cemetery through Serve UGA's Dawg Day of Service.