H. Gordon and Francis S. Davis Student Engagement Awards

Each year, Engagement, Leadership, and Service recognizes students and registered student organizations that have demonstrated outstanding work and achievement related to student engagement. The 2024 H. Gordon and Francis S. Davis Student Engagement Awards will be hosted on March 26, 2024 in Tate Grand Hall at 6:00 PM.

Applications for the 2024 Student Engagement Awards are open at the link below through February 4, 2024. Questions can be directed via email to ugaels@uga.edu.

Organization of the Year

Awarded to the student organization who has a significant positive influence at the University of Georgia and/or local communities through its realized mission and efforts. This award is based on the quality of events hosted, service performed, engagement with the campus community, and overall advancement of the collegiate experience of UGA students beyond the classroom.

Outstanding Campus Event

Awarded to the student organization who hosts an exemplary event through using strong event-planning skills during the ideation, planning, promotion, and execution process. Applicable events must have occurred from February 2023 to January 2024.

Most Innovative Program

Awarded to the student organization who positively impacts the campus community through its creation of an innovative and original project, program, or event.

Outstanding Membership Engagement

Awarded to the student organization who best fosters sense of belonging and community within its membership through purposeful retention of its members, provided community-building experiences, and overall engagement from its general membership.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Awarded to the student organization who has showcased a commitment to empowering others by respecting and appreciating various cultural and social differences through its initiatives and/or events; highlighting and/or providing educational experiences in which people can learn more about their held beliefs and those of others; and incorporating strong inclusive practices throughout its membership and leadership.

Outstanding Service to the Community

Awarded to the student organization who exemplifies remarkable contribution and service to the campus and/or local community through the giving of their time and talent to positively impact a campus or community issue.

Organizational Collaboration

Awarded to two or more student organizations who partner to create an initiative or event to include a shared vision, planning, and purpose of the experience to reach a greater segment of the campus community.

Outstanding New Organization

Awarded to the student organization who displays strong potential through its purpose and mission, as well as its contribution to the campus and/or local community in its first year of existence. Applicable student organizations must have newly registered as of January 2022.

Excellence in Marketing & Communication

Awarded to the student organization who strategically uses marketing methods, including digital engagement efforts, to create innovative and positive outreach leading to increased engagement with students and awareness of its mission and pursued initiative.

Liza Burke Community Spirit Award

This award celebrates individuals or student organizations who profoundly and positively impact their peers, campus, or community through their dedication, character, leadership, and creative thinking. Recipients of this award will have demonstrated outstanding work and achievement in creating spaces and/or events that spark joy and enhance community in and around the UGA campus. Special consideration will be given to those attempting to eliminate financial barriers to participation.

Individuals selected to receive this award will be awarded a scholarship between $500 – $2500 in value. Organizations selected to receive this award will be awarded a grant between $500-$2,500.

Advisor of the Year

Awarded to the student organization advisor who significantly contributes to the overall student experience of the student leaders within the organization they advise to include general support and advice, assistance with planning and executing events and experiences, and exceeding expectations of the role.

Commitment to Peer Mentorship

Awarded to the student leader who demonstrates commitment to the development and empowerment of other UGA students through formal or informal capacities within their student organization or other involvement experiences.

Candice Sherman Emerging Leader

Awarded to the student leader, having earned no more than 60 credit hours, who demonstrates impressive leadership quality within their respective student organization(s) through their contributions made on campus or in the community with strong potential for future leadership responsibilities.

Student Leader of the Year

Awarded to the student leader who has completed no less than three full UGA semesters (excluding summer), and who embodies a commitment to excellence through their character, high academic achievement, student engagement through co- and extracurricular experiences, and service to the campus and/or community.

Outstanding Senior Leader

Pandora Yearbook’s Outstanding Senior Leaders program honors senior students who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to leadership, academics, campus involvement, and community service. They have worked hard to uphold the traditions of UGA, while making positive contributions to the surrounding community.