University Union - Frequently Asked Questions

What is University Union?

While University Union is considered one student organization, it is comprised of three different committees that all have a specific topic for the types of events that they plan.  Although Union is split up into three different committees, it still has one mission–to create entertaining and diverse experiences by providing inclusive, quality activities for the student body of The University of Georgia. All programs are selected, promoted, and produced for students by students.

How can I join Union?

Joining University Union is actually pretty simple! There are no dues or formal applications. Each of our committees meet on a weekly basis, and all you need to do is show up and start sharing your ideas! Visit our Get Involved page to learn more

How many committees are there?

University Union has three committees: Film, Marketing and Communications and Events.

Can I join more than one committee?

Absolutely!  Our committees meet at different times, so you are welcome to attend more than one committee meeting.  

How can I become a member of the Union Board?

Applications for the following academic year will be released social media and will be available on the UGA Involvement Network.

Are there dues to be a member of Union?

No. Membership is completely free for UGA students!

How much do events cost?

Almost all of our events and movies are free for students if you have paid your Student Activity Fee!  If there is an admission price, the amount will be shared on social media.  For non-students, there is an admission fee for all events.  

If I forget my Student ID can I still enter events with the student admission price?

Yes! We will individually assist any student who doesn’t have their ID with them upon admission.

Can non-students come to events?

Yes!  Union events are open to non-students for a small admission fee.  Please visit one of our social media accounts for event-specific information.  

What are Student Activity Fees?

The Student Activity Fee is an optional fee that is paid at the same time as tuition.  In order to attend University Union events as a student, you must pay your activity fees or enter as a non-student.