Omicron Delta Kappa

Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honor Society, recognizes and encourages collaboration among members across the five pillars of leadership celebrated by O∆K  and champions its leadership values of collaboration, inclusivity, integrity, scholarship, and service.

About ODK

Applications to the Alpha Upsilon Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa will become available in February. 

To be considered, please complete the Omicron Delta Kappa Membership Application. Upon selecting the University of Georgia and your initiation class in the application, you be able to view the short essay questions on the form.

Applicants will be notified of their status in March. Initiation will take place in April.

  • Demonstrated leadership in one of the Five Pillars of Campus Life and embrace the ODK Leadership Values.
  • Sophomores, juniors, or seniors in the top 35% academically.
  • Graduate/professional students with at least a 3.6 GPA.
  • All students must have been enrolled at UGA for at least one semester.

In addition to ongoing leadership development, ODK members are eligible for national scholarships and members in good standing receive with honor cords to wear with their graduation regalia. Additional membership benefits are listed at

Once an individual is initiated into Omicron Delta Kappa and is no longer enrolled at institution that hosts their circle of initiation, they are considered a lifetime member of our Society.

OΔK is a member of the Honor Society Caucus, a consortium of the most prestigious honor societies in the country.

Nationally, the purpose of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society is threefold:

First, to recognize those who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines;

Second, to bring together the most representative students in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest;

Third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution, as well as other Omicron Delta Kappa members, on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness.

Founded on April 29th, 1935, the University of Georgia Alpha Upsilon circle of Omicron Delta Kappa unites students and faculty who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in the five phases of campus life in the interest of the development of the University through commitment to service, integrity, excellence, and friendship. The circle was founded by 12 students and four faculty members and included UGA President S.V. Sanford and Dean William Tate among its early members. In his ODK files, Dean Tate described the society as “the most respected organization of this nature on the campus” of UGA. 

Throughout its history, ODK has talked of ambitious undertakings, including the establishment of a Student Government Association; enactment of an honor code; establishment of a president’s club for the presidents of student organizations; and regularly hosted student leader banquets, often times in collaboration with Mortar Board. 

In fall 2009, the Alpha Upsilon circle was on the verge of disbandment. With only two active students remaining, Barrett Brooks and Mason McFalls were charged with convening a group of outstanding student leaders to reimagine ODK’s role at UGA. This committed group invested a year determining the new and unique role ODK could play at UGA – a true testament to the transformational power of a small community of committed leaders. 

Since ODK’s re-establishment, the organization has created a positive press publication, called The Chapel Bell; petitioned to have a flagpole placed in the center of campus; facilitated a campus-wide September 11th memorial service; and served as a founding member on the steering committee for the first ever TEDxUGA Conference.

  • Collaboration – to work together to achieve a defined and common purpose
  • Inclusivity – to actively seek, embrace, and advance a diverse group of individuals
  • Integrity – to align one’s values and beliefs with behaviors and speech
  • Scholarship – to strive for excellence in academics and pursue lifelong learning
  • Service – to answer the call for action from one’s community or country
  • Academics and Research
  • Athletics
  • Service to Campus and Community
  • Communications
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Leadership Mixer – an annual event promoting collaboration among leaders across campus.
  • Leadership Panel – an annual program exploring leadership topics. Open to all UGA students, faculty, and staff.
  • Service – ODK members engage in service together each semester.
Omicron Delta Kappa group photo.

2023 Initiates & 2023-24 Officers

On Tuesday, April 25, 2023, the Alpha Upsilon Circle initiated thirty-one new members. The new members of ODK have committed themselves to the ideas, values, and aspirations of the Circle. 

Sydney Fritsch, President
Dawson Templin, Vice President
Sannvikha Saravanan, Treasurer
De’Aisa Daniels, Service Chair

Nicholas Ballin
Emily Belinski
Mason A. Brock
Bryce Carman
Caroline Campbell Hare
Samuel Thomas Janasik
Emily Jesseph
Jeffrey Scott Kempski
Elisabeth Dorothy Kersh
Pablo Andres Malaver-Reyes
Khushi Mehta
Caitlyn Noelle Miller
Zoe Alexandra Mitchell
Fatime Niane
Hannah Frances Nicholson
Darcy Jeanette Norris
Ryan Kerry O’Donnell
Ashni M. Patel
Wyatt Pitts
Aizhia Nicole Cabrera Poblete
Morgan Pope
Landon Elizabeth Poythress
Julianna Marie Russ
Beverly Pratt Spinks
Adam Starks
Nikita Swamy
Lucinda Warnke

Gabriella All
Michael Banks
Aditya Birla
Samuel Brewster
Portia Brown
Sarah Burnett
Haley Carman
De’Aisa Daniels
Emma DiPuma
Ryan Evans
Gideon Fernald
Emilio Ferrara
Sydney Fritsch
Ashley Gawey
Spencer Gordon
Bryson Henriott
Richard Ladd
Dayle McCallar
Jake Mitchell
Lauren Mullininx
Calvin Rausch
Sophia Rodriguez
Daniel Rouhani
Saanvikha Saravanan
Kara Scoggins
Avery Scott
Dawson Templin
Caitlin Williams
Grace Wills
Gabrielle Wood
Andrew Zach

Asim Ahmed
Marshall Berton
Amanda Bowden
Christopher Brandon
Cashington Callaway
Margaret Carlton
Amanda Colton
Jacqueline Ganun
Joshua Gregory
Davis Hardell
Christopher Hooper
Spencer  Jones
Christopher Jue
Elise Karinshak
Kiet Le
Mary Lollis
Hima Nesbit
Amelia Pak
Christopher Rosselot
Sarah Secrist
Amanda Sinning
Sydney Speir
Ellen Teeter
Ciera Thomas
Lori Wachowicz
Claudia-Michele White
Nicholas Yanek

Darrice Griffin (Faculty/Staff)
Lori Crawford (Faculty/Staff)
Andrew Abruzzo
Robyn Anzulis
Claire Bunn
Brennan Cox
Callie Dickinson
Elizabeth Esser
Edward Hunda
Culzean Kennedy
Christopher Lee
Kelton McConnell
Caroline Odom
Atithi Patel
Sydney Phillips
Karan Pol
Tarun Ramesh
Anna Samsonov
Emma Traynor
Emma Tucker
Jaaie Varshney
Suvitha Viswanathan
Avery Warner
Himani  Yadav

Andrew Corn
Blake Atmore
Danielle St Amand
Griffin Hamstead
Isabelle Riddle
Ivette Barrera
Johanna Mercurio
Jordan Stout
Katherine Christie
Kyle Patel
Landon Clark
Nina Howard
Sage Royston
Shannon O’Donnell
Stephanie Cannon

Ashley Reed
Ashton Jones-Doherty
Avni Ahuja
Brendan Abernathy 
Emma Goldsmith
Jessica Ma
Katie Irwin
Maggie Tyre
Nina Reddy
Samuel Driggers
Sebastian Puerta
Taylor Withrow

Kayla Alward
Kerri Andre
Maria Izzy Ceron
Trisha Dalapati
Ashley Huynh
Shreya Ganeshan
Ammishaddai Grand-Jean
Liana Mosley
Kavi Pandian
Sam Orr
Helen Woodland
Rachel Zilinskas 

Sehar Ali
Tyler Daugherty
Noah Dezen
Maddie Dill
Mindy Griffith
Avery Kiren Hudson
Aneek Enrique James
Joshua Kenway
Hannah Mason
Reilly Megee
Mollie Simon
Nicholas Twiner

Jessie Blaeser
Cali Callaway
Joseph Colbert
Jonah Driggers
Houston Gaines
Torre Lavelle
Bruce Li
Krystal Lo
Miranda Russell
Nicholas Salyers
Juhi Varshney

Brittany Renee Arnold
Eilidh Geddes
Jamie Gottlieb
Shaun Kleber
John-Jordan Shockley Nunnery
Rachel Hana Paleg
Davis Reynolds Parker
Elizabeth Ridgeway
Andrew Andersen Roberts
Leslie Alexandria Stapley
James Robert Thompson
Michael Scott Trainer

Victoria Barker
Femi Brinson
Callan Brownfield
Noel Couch
Nick Eberhart
Megan Ernst
Colton Houseman
Anna Konieczny
Kristen Lemaster
Ryan Slauer
Jacqueline Van de Velde
Avery Wiens

Austin Blouin
Will Burgess
Smitha Ganeshan
Allison Gantz
Sandra Godina
Tucker Green
Michael Heider
Kaitlin Miller
Allison Moder
Marshall Mosher
Bennett Travers
Shannon Vreeland

Ebony Faith Caldwell
Joseph Wells Ellenberg
Ty Frix
Jordan Dell Harris
David Wesley Jett
Bethany Cotten McCain
Carly Laine Nash
Rebecca Susan Pogue
Daryan Rahimzadeh
Taylor Watts

James H. Beach
Alexandria Chambers
Carolyn Crist
Joshua Delaney
Hannah Drum
Rebecca DeVoe Elliott
Will Ginn
Jason A. Hafford
Sarah Christian Haynes
Alex G. Hill
Ryan J. Hill
Hunter Hodge
Eric Johnson
Caleb J. Keith
Meghan McFerrin
Rachel Elizabeth McLocklin
Frances Micklow
Blake Mitchell
David William Okun
Danyelle J. Reynolds
Robert D Sinyard III
Christina Swoope
Michael Blake Tillery
Laura Warren