Campus Partners

Managing the operations of your student organization will require you to work alongside various campus partners as you navigate policies and utilize campus resources. Learn more about some of the campus partners you will work with most frequently and the resources that they offer.

Campus Reservations, Events, & Technical Services

Whether you’re booking a meeting space or planning an event, CRETS is the primary hub for reserving space on campus.

Trademarks and Promotions

Work with UGA Trademarks for approval to use certain university marks or verbiage in your organization’s promo materials.

Student Affairs Business Office

For organizations with agency accounts, this office will support with purchasing, reimbursements, and account management.

UGA OneCard Office

Learn more about setting up a secure online purchasing link, selling tickets, or hiring ticketing staff through this office.

Tate Print & Copy

This office is your on campus hub for printing flyers, banners, buttons, stickers, posters, and more!

Student Care and Outreach

Support the well-being of your members by being aware of the resources that SCO offers.