Using the Involvement Network

All registered student organizations have an organization page on the Involvement Network where they can update their roster, host events and track attendance, and create forms and elections. Learn more about the features that Involvement Network has to offer and how to make the most of your organization’s page.

Manage Your Roster

Add new members to your roster and assign leadership positions and administrative access.

Edit Your Organization Profile

Keep organization details and contact information up to date.

Create a Form

Create applications or forms using the forms feature on Involvement Network.

Submit an Event

Add your organization’s meetings and events to the Involvement Network calendar.

Change Event Details

Did your event details change after your already submitted it? Edit the details to let attendees know.

Track Event Attendance

Use the attendance features to keep track of who attends your meetings and events.

Host an Election

Use the Involvement Network’s election feature to host voting for your officer elections.

Update Your Primary Contact

Update your primary contact following elections or a change in leadership.

Visit the Involvement Network

Access the Involvement Network and manage your organization’s page.